Howdy friends!

We have exciting programming lined up for 2019. We have exhibitions planned and are introducing a funded micro-residency.

We need your help to meet these goals.

Moonmist is funded through donations of equipment, expertise, and resource from its friends and organizers and from donations from visitors during events. Additional funding from will help support costs of installation, catering, printing of catalogs, shipping of artwork, and online media. With this support, Moonmist can pay participating artists a fee. Moonmist plans to expand its calendar to maintain programming outside of physical events through a micro residency. In addition to providing a fee to resident artists, will offer a stipend for making new work. Moonmist is dedicated to providing sustainable economic relationships between artists and the institutions and is following the W.A.G.E. guidelines with consideration to the geographic and economic conditions of the organizers of Moonmist.

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